File:Maca.gifLepidium meyenii, known commonly as maca, is an herbaceous biennial plant or annual plant (some sources say a perennial plant) native to the high Andes of Peru and Bolivia. It is grown for its fleshy hypocotyl (actually a fused hypocotyl and taproot), which is used as a root vegetable and a medicinal herb. Its Spanish and Quechua names include maca-maca, maino, ayak chichira, and ayak willku.

The maca root, grown high in the Peruvian mountains, has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of the area for its ability to increase energy and sex drive, experts at Health Guidance.org report. Today, women are finding that the use of maca can alleviate some of the discomfort associated with PMS and menopause, increase the libido and help reverse the symptoms of bone loss associated with osteoporosis.

Enhances Energy Levels

Researchers have found that supplementing the diet with maca is an effective way to stimulate the production of hormones in the body, Stanford University reports on the university's Wellsphere website. Maca root contains large amounts of amino acids, carbohydrates and minerals that enhance hormone production in the body, resulting in more energy and a "generalized tonic effect on the biochemical functioning of the human body," experts write on Health Guidance.org.


The maca root contains more calcium than milk, researchers at Vitamin Stuff.com report. The high levels of calcium found in the maca plant can help slow the weakening of bones associated with osteoporosis, experts at the National Osteoporosis Foundation say. They recommend a diet containing a high level of calcium as a way to minimize the weakening of bones associated with osteoporosis.


The Mayo Clinic reports that 75 percent of menstruating women suffer from some form of pre-menstrual syndrome distress. Doctors say that maca supplements are effective at alleviating some of the effects of PMS and menopause due to the natural hormone-producing effects of the plant. It can help minimize night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings and other symptoms by stimulating and balancing the production of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in the body, according to experts at Health Guidance.org.

Increases Sex Drive

Women and men report that the plant can stimulate the libido and sexual function by regulating hormonal levels in the body to increase the sexual appetite, experts report on the Discovery Channel's Discovery Health website. They add that the modern use of maca as a way to boost sexual function is on the rise in North America, as the sexual benefit becomes more well known. The amount of acreage in Peru devoted to the production of maca has increased as the use of the herb as a sexual stimulant becomes more widespread, the website reports.

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